Hello, I am Jacquie Bird, your seasoned guide through the dynamic landscape of sales and marketing with a niche in the
hospitality sector.

My career has been dedicated to assisting businesses—ranging from boutique start-ups to established brands—achieve their ambitions for an online presence. My expertise is crafting an organic content strategy that resonates with audiences and drives meaningful engagement. I can also create social media ads to reach even more people. 

My passion for digital marketing has ignited over the past decade. I have immersed myself in organic social media engagement, compelling content creation, and meticulous website optimization. The hospitality industry, where I have extensively worked hands-on for more than ten years, holds a special place in my professional portfolio. However, my adaptability and thirst for challenge have also led me to extend my services across diverse business domains.

The secret to my success? It’s simple: understanding each client’s unique narrative and translating that into optimal marketing techniques and materials that not only meet but surpass their desired outcomes. But life isn’t all about work for me—I enjoy hiking, volunteering, exploring warm destinations around the globe, and creating memories with my husband and our dog. These personal pursuits rejuvenate my spirit and often inspire creative angles in my professional endeavors.

Interestingly, my diverse skill set also includes real estate, as I have been a licensed Missouri Realtor. This role has endowed me with a deeper understanding of market dynamics and the art of negotiation—skills that further complement my marketing expertise.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your hospitality business’s online presence, seeking innovative marketing solutions, or navigating the property market, I’m here to lend my expertise for your success.

Together, we can turn your aspirations into tangible achievements. Welcome to the beginning of our successful partnership!

Why Work With Us?

When collaborating with us, we delve deep into understanding our client’s business. We don’t just consider ourselves a third-party contractor; we think of ourselves as a seamless addition to your team. Rather than asking you to guide what to say, how to respond to reviews, or comment answers, we allow you to concentrate on other areas of your business. We strive to be accommodating and take direction as much or as little as you want.

Our Approach

We know that the user is in the center of every business.

Social Bird Digital uses data and a strategic outlook when approaching digital marketing. By thoroughly examining her client’s existing online presence, we identify what needs to be improved. Afterward, we customize a digital marketing plan tailored to their objectives and target audience. This plan involves social media marketing, content development, email campaigns, and much more. Social Bird Digital helps monitor progress, examine outcomes, and adjust the plan accordingly. Her focus is to yield measurable outcomes and a solid return on investment for her clients. To guarantee her clients are always one step ahead, Social Bird Digital keeps abreast of the newest digital marketing trends and tools.